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Here are a few tips on what employers hate to see in you CV.

  1. Spelling and grammatical errors: It is a good idea to use different typefaces in your documents but for CVs just use simple features like easy to read fonts, bullets, bold and italics. Grammatical errors will lead the employer to a conclusion that you are a careless person. Always spell check before sending it to the employer.
  1. Irrelevant information: Do not include information that do not directly related to the job you are applying for. Age, gender, race, weight, height are regarded as noise, DO NOT include them unless it is asked by the employer.


  1. Unqualified and under-qualified candidates: Ensure that you are qualified for the job you are applying for in terms of skills and experiences. Recruiters hate when they come across a CV that has no relation to the job description.

Customizing your resume to the Job Description

Here at Kama Kazi we are in the business of getting people jobs, so believe us when we say we know the job seeking process and more than that the huge mistakes that job seekers make when applying for jobs.

And one of the biggest mistakes BY FAR is that very few people customize their CV to the Job Description.

Let us put this in context for you:

The employer has detailed out in perfect form exactly what they want in an employee. So why on earth would you not give yourself the best chance of getting into an interview by displaying on your CV what you have that matches that job.

Do you know Less is More!

You know less is more!

When-ever we go into Universities we always stress the importance of a short CV. It should be short, sharp and relevant. The most baffling of all is when we see CVs from recent Graduates that span approximately 4 pages, and someone with 10+ years experience has a one page CV. Remember that your CV should demonstrate your Skill, Experience and Education. Think about format and layout HERE


Our recommendation is as follows:

  • Interns, recent Graduates, Entry Level Job Seekers – Keep it to 1 page
  • Experienced individuals – 2 pages if possible, maximum 3 page.

Not sure how to format your Cv in this way. Contact a member of our team to see if we can help. Email