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Application process on Kama Kazi

Congratulations so you have found a job that sounds great and matches your skills and experience on our site.

Fantastic – time to read the ‘Customizing your CV to the Job Description’ blog that we have posted. We really recommend that you read this carefully and follow the instructions

Now time to click the apply button at the top or the bottom of each job as displayed on our website.

We wanted to give you some pointers as to our application process to help you out:

  • Always read the Job Description (JD) carefully and make sure you understand what skills and experience you have for this job. When we call you for interview and you say ‘I can do it!’ that is not enough! Simply not enough. We want to hear what experience you have in the past that shows us you have done something similar. And we want to see that you understand the skills required and can show you have those skills from past experiences.

What documents should I attach to my application?

Question many people ask themselves is what documents should be included when sending an application.

Have you applied for a job on Kama Kazi?

Congratulations! That’s great news.

Now did you attach your CV to the bottom of your application? If not then we may not be able to consider you.

Please carefully check and review your application before hitting the APPLY button.

There is a section at the bottom to upload documents and we thought it useful to give you a little guide:

What documents should be included:

  • CV
  • Highest level of education certificate
  • Any relevant professional qualification certificates
  • Code of conduct
  • Any recommendation letters from past employers – the most recent is the most important.