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Here are a few tips on what employers hate to see in you CV.

  1. Spelling and grammatical errors: It is a good idea to use different typefaces in your documents but for CVs just use simple features like easy to read fonts, bullets, bold and italics. Grammatical errors will lead the employer to a conclusion that you are a careless person. Always spell check before sending it to the employer.
  1. Irrelevant information: Do not include information that do not directly related to the job you are applying for. Age, gender, race, weight, height are regarded as noise, DO NOT include them unless it is asked by the employer.


  1. Unqualified and under-qualified candidates: Ensure that you are qualified for the job you are applying for in terms of skills and experiences. Recruiters hate when they come across a CV that has no relation to the job description.

Tips For Writing A Great CV

Hopefully, you are already starting to see how your CV could take shape.  Perhaps these lists have helped you remember things you have left off and evaluate the information you have included in a new light.

Please consider the next set of recommendations as things all CV should include, even as your career progresses.

Phone Interview Technique

Most candidates have a misconception that phone interviews are easier as compared to face-to face interviews. The truth is, they are more or less the same and both of them should be taken seriously. The only difference is that the candidate does not go to the interviewer’s location. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for the phone interview.


Do research on the company and the job you are to be interviewed on, make sure you know the basics about the company, latest developments in the company/organisation and the job description for the job.

Confirm the interview date, time, who the interviewer is and if it is you to make the call or the interviewer (make sure your phone is not on call waiting or call blocking mode).