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Kama Kazi Tips For Hiring

Hiring is stressful, we know! It is time consuming, confusing, exciting, frustrating all wrapped in one big bundle.

Everyday we help Companies in Kenya hire key talent for their teams. We have worked with big Corporates, SME’s and Start Ups, and so while we don’t have all the answers we have managed to pick up some key points along the way to help you in the hiring process. Here are a few tips that may go a long way to helping you with your next key hire:

Treat recruiting as life or death for your Company

Because it is. Building an amazing team is the most important thing you can do as a leader, so prioritise it and get serious about it. We often see leaders who are quite clearly too busy to hire and would probably prefer us to do everything for them. But this is a huge mistake. Take the time to plan your hiring strategy, take the time to think about your recruitment needs and take the time to be as actively involved in the process as possible.

10 Tips For Effective Hiring

10 tips for entrepreneurs looking to build great teams

Answered by: Craig Driscoll

As the recruiting partner at venture capital firm Highland Capital Partners, I have the privilege of working with some truly remarkable young entrepreneurs. My expertise is in helping them build exceptional teams. While I don't have all the answers, I've seen enough to know what works and what doesn't. Here are some thoughts:

  1. Treat recruiting as life or death for your company because it is.

Building an exceptional team is the most important thing you can do as a young leader. If you're great at it, you will likely succeed. If not, you will likely fail.

The 3W’s of Hiring

Preparing to Hire

We often see a Company that is desperate to hire, desperate to alleviate some of the pressing work that keeps piling up and up untouched by the already over worked staff. Large shadow hung eyes look at us as the recruiter as if we are about to solve all the problems that are heaped in a tower behind the hiring manager like the leaning tower of Pisa!

And this exact situation makes us very nervous, because we find often that the new hire being tasked to us has not been planned or thought out at all. It is a desperate hire as a result of the most salient need which simply happens to be a helping hand to stop the rest of the staff from drowning beneath paper work, keeping up with social media and meeting unrealistic deadlines. Sound familiar?