Our aim and vision is to build the best trained hospitality professionals in Africa and offer temporary and contract service staff to the growing hospitality demands in East Africa


Process for Service Staff

Kama Kazi Service Staff signs up to database and receives 3 sessions of 5 hour training.

Service Staff attends minimum of 5 events as a trainee, under guidance of Kama Kazi certified trainer

Service Staff undertakes strict and rigorous background check and compliance test – (food handling)

Work 5 events as a paid trainee to progress to the status of a fully trained staffer.

Start earning from your first shift

Receive full training in the use of our app

Majority of our service staff are currently studying students

What we Expect:

We hire for attitude

We train for skill

You are expected to turn up for your shift on time, in uniform, well presented and ready to work

You must be fully compliant with current certificate of good conduct and current food handling certificate

You must continually refresh yourself and your skills by referring to the training manuals you will have access to

You must check in and out of shifts with your team leader and electronically on the application

You must check in to shifts with the facial recognition function on the application

If you are late your shift will be cancelled. The app will automatically check you in based on your location when you are within 100 meters of the event location

To join Kama Kazi Instant Service Staff

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