Joining Kama Kazi

Joining Kama Kazi was great because they really took the time to get to know me and put me forward for a job that suited my skills and personality.

Unlike other recruitment agencies, Kama Kazi placed me according to my ability and potential rather than just placing me in similar positions I had held in the past. Kama Kazi has a very good training package for new recruits that helps them fit into the system.

Programs like time management, customer and client care are of great assistance. I was able to catch up with the rest of the team very first and it was easy for me to understand their market. I have been in my current position for almost two months now and I am progressing so well because of the continued support from the rest of the team.

They also regularly set up by weekly meetings just to catch up and check on how I am getting on, dealing with any concerns I have immediately. I feel very lucky to have the constant support of Kama Kazi, and it is brilliant to work for an agency that genuinely wants you to progress and succeed in any career you choose!

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  •  :  Hi,my name is Haron Okiring I reside from Mombasa city & I am a college graduate having done a certificate in social work. I have three years of experience. I am a class BCE driver license holder and computer literate.Am interested in working with you people in either department to earn a living,therefore am requesting if there will be any open vacant/position please consider me in advance.Also I can work as personal Bodyguard, standby security, private investigator etc but most am experienced in security sector.Thanks.
  •  :  Hi Kama Kazi Team, I would like to submit my resume to you for review and for consideration if any job openings come up. I will be waiting for your response on how to go about it. Regards, Joyce Swedi
  •  :  Thank you Haron for your comment. Currently we do not have any job openings as a company. However, you can kindly visit our jobs board to see the available jobs in your line of expertise.
  •  :  Hi Joyce Swedi. Please do sign up for us to have your resume and details. Once a job opening comes up, you will be notified of it through our weekly newsletters which you can then apply for. However do visit our jobs board time to time, to see the job openings available. Thanks for visiting Kama Kazi.
  •  :  Message Julie Kaputa are my names ,have tried several times to upload my CV but in vain.I hold certificate in hospitality with experience of 6years in various departments, reservation desk,customer care ,public relations,computer packages,and marketing ,sales and service course too . kindly in case of any opening on the above ,please reconsider Thank you Kamakazi
  •  :  Hi kamakazi team my name is Lucia mandola am looking for a job in hospitality management kidily if u get one pliz forward it to me..thank you

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