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Job Detail

Wildlife Conservation Trust Manager

Manage and operate the Wildlife Conservancy

Job Overview

Category : Hospitality and Culinary Arts
Experience(s) : 5-8 Year
Location : Mara
Job Type: Mid Level
Job Kind : Permanent
Highest Educational Level : Bachelor Degree in Tourism Management
Salary :

Client Overview

Our client is a Private Safari Camp, elevated on the border of the Masai Mara. The camp is in a secluded valley with its own private conservancy and teaming with game. Every effort is made to preserve this incredible wildlife sanctuary. Our client is dedicated to being part of its protection and to this end the camp functions in the most Eco-friendly way possible.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Effectively manage and operate the Wildlife Conservancy meeting both the community and the wildlife needs.
  • Work directly with the rangers and get roll call, working shifts in place – get the rangers to be operating in the correct way – Ranger management system. – Collate the projects and meetings together on one document and show the progress, who is the donor, etc so we have a firm handle on all the donations and projects.
  • Have a proper system for prioritizing which projects are vital for the community.
  • Determine trending livestock entry points and timings in order to secure premises in a proactive manner.
  • The conservancy needs a standard fleet of new vehicles that transport more than two people for community meetings, patrols etc- put together a budget for vehicles and roll out for this.
  • Roads grass (high nutrient content) initiation.
  • Women groups outreach – raise awareness & education among women about conservancy benefits & sustainable development.
  • Initiate an African cedar nursery with aim to replant 7,000 cedars in the conservancy within the next 5 years.
  • Honey badger friendly beehives placed in mature cedars with business benefits going to the rangers to enhance protective measures.


  • Strategy for – 1 year, 3 year and 5 year using the framework of the 4C’s and the 4 pathways
  • Budget based on the strategy with each item detailed and explained for the board
  • Quarterly reports to be more detail and more pictorial to be used for donors/ stakeholders.
  • Develop all SOP’s for the conservancy for example: Finance SOP, Ranger patrol SOP, Emergency SOP, Airstrip SOP – how to clear the runway, how to approach a plane etc, protocol for registration of landing.
  • Ecological monitoring and improvements – report on this each month