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Sales Manager

Looking for a hospitality Sales Manager

Client Overview

“Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Already Taken”. We’ll be opening a thoroughly refreshingly unique independent hotel in Nairobi next year. If you love hospitality but want a little more adventure in your life we might just be the place for you, whatever your specialist skills and experience. We’re looking for people who thrive on stimulating new challenges and who will be encouraged to be themselves, rather than being treated as cogs in a machine. And if you’ve never worked in the hospitality industry, no matter, as an injection of fresh perspectives from newcomers will help to keep us apart from the mainstream hotel herd. If this sounds like it might be your thing, please send us your resume and tell us a little about who you are. We look forward to creating something rather special with an entirely special collection of individuals.

Key Responsibilities: –

  • In terms of both ‘designing’ and ‘managing’ the sales operation this needs to cover
  • Setting goals that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound)
  • Identifying priority target customers (corporates, SME’s, embassies, NGO’s etc.). This will be an ongoing, proactive process of market research to ensure that new potential clients are identified
  • Creating and continuously developing a sales database of targets and existing customers, providing clarity on current situation (made contact, interest expressed, further information required, ‘offers’ made etc.) with required follow-up actions, dates and responsibilities
  • Identifying key sales strategies for different customer types (e.g. personal meetings, on-site events, attendance at regional conferences etc.)
  • Working with the General Manager on pricing strategies, not just in terms of room rates and, for example, numbers of room nights guaranteed at certain rates and room upgrades, but also pricing that might include other elements of the hotel’s offering, such as F&B, meeting facilities, co-working space etc.
  • Identifying ideal and recruiting sales support positions to create an effective sales team
  • Identifying required sales support communications materials and developing such materials with the assistance of the Marketing & Events Manager
  • Closing the sale: having the ability to go from ‘interest expressed’ to client conversion, often involving personal contact and follow-up with the targets
  • Working closely with BW Premier – the hotel’s distribution / marketing partner to coordinate pricing and sales strategies
  • Creating and nurturing strong relationships with travel agents, and developing sales strategies that are mutually reinforcing between direct and non-direct sales
  • Being the prime contact point with and manager of relationships with OTA’s to create as integrated a sales process as possible
  • Post-sales follow-up: as the person most involved in getting individuals and companies to commit to contracts with the hotel, personal follow-up is also required to ensure the customer is satisfied with the hotel’s delivery versus expectations. To work with other Senior Team members to resolve any issues or complaints. Generally, to manage ongoing client relationships to ensure repeat business
  • The Sales Manager will be responsible for all the above related to ‘fixed’ spaces, such as guest rooms, meeting rooms and co-working space, but will also support the Sales & Events Manager in selling ‘tactical events’, such as concerts, F&B festivals, TED talks etc

Qualification: –

  • Ideally 10 years’ experience in a creative sales environment
  • Preferably some hotel sales experience
  • Preferably some experience with ‘selling’ to our desired customer targets (i.e. Creative Achievers)
  • Evidence of creative approaches to sales challenges
  • Evidence of effective management and team-building
  • Evidence of successful outcomes versus goals