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Job Detail

Recruitment Consultant

Ready to do anything to learn and perfect your role?

Client Overview

Our client is passionate about finding great companies talent to grow and thrive, across all professional levels. Recruiting and Headhunting talent since April 2012, Our client is a busy, exciting, high pressured, energetic, enthusiastic and above all else fun recruitment firm and looking for an amazing Recruitment specialist to join our team.

Job Overview

Are you a seller? Do you love working with people and working in an environment that is fast paced, extremely exciting but desires a whole load of grit, determination and heart? Will you stop at nothing to succeed? Maybe this is the perfect job for you.

Working in recruitment provides exciting career opportunities and high earning potential.

Recruitment is sometimes mistaken for an HR function. HR involves advising and guiding people once they’ve started a role. Recruitment is focused on getting the right people into the right company. It has a very strong sales element.

Our area is that of a Recruitment Specialist.

Which means we focus on roles for key companies. And our employees foster long-term relationships with clients and become experts in their own niche area. You will develop expertise in your area and in business in general and a keen interest to develop into a business analyst when it comes to talent is key.

Recruitment consultants make an important contribution to the economy. By delivering professionals with specialist skills and experience, they empower companies to grow and flourish. We achieve this through market advice, networking and a complex candidate selection process.

Main roles and responsibilities

  • Business Development – sourcing and working with current clients and bringing on board new clients through your intricate understanding of business, of the Companies database of talent as well as our potential reach of talent through our networks and channels. You will also need strong persuasion skills to persuade a client to work with us and then work with them to ensure they are looking for the right person (not always the person they think they want).
  • Calling candidates to pre-interview and categorise them based on the Kama Kazi categorisation guidelines.
  • Source the best candidates in limited time through our own networks and channels, through advertising and through your won creativity and brilliance.
  • Working through the entire pre interview process with candidates to ensure the KK Candidate shines.
  • Liaising and constantly working with the client to ensure that we are on top of the process from start to finish and to maintain a good relationship with the client throughout all the companies dealings with the client.
  • Understanding Company KPIs and working towards these.
  • Managing a Recruitment Researcher.

We are looking for a motivated individual who is ready to do anything to learn and perfect their role. We are hard working, and we love what we do, it drives us every day try to perform better and better. We laugh and have fun but we also realize our work is changing this country and changing lives and so we have an underlying understanding of our work that ensures we maintain the highest of standards in terms of communication and customer care. Perfect 90% of the time is simply not good enough. It is 100% or nothing!

 Key skills:

  • Sales and persuasion
  • Negotiation skills
  • Fantastic business acumen
  • Tenacity and charm
  • A can do attitude
  • Client relationship management skills
  • Teamwork
  • Great communication skills
  • A keen sense of accountability and responsibility
  • Creative thinking and problem solving skills
  • Ability to see a problem as an opportunity and not an obstacle
  • Great self awareness and self maintenance

Key qualifications and experience:

  • Proved sales experience and success
  • Working hours – 9:00AM – 5:30PM