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Job Detail

Operations and Admin Coordinator

Experienced in operations and administration?

Job Overview

Category : Agriculture
Experience(s) : 3-5 Year
Location : Nairobi
Job Type: Entry Level
Job Kind : contract
Highest Educational Level : undergraduate Degree
Salary :

Client Overview

Our client is a social enterprise established in 2007 that provides business capacity building solutions for adoption of AgriTech solutions in small-holder value-chain ecosystem. As a start-up company, our client also provides Business training and Capacity Building  services to SMEs  for adoption of digital business solutions . They are working in partnership with re-known Technical providers and are in process of launching/piloting their Agritech platform into the Kenyan market. The platform is a fully integrated, soil-to-shelf tech platform for sustainable food supply chains. It creates a holistic digital ecosystem that brings a precise and highly personalised approach to address farmers’ needs while delivering a series of benefits to other stakeholders who work with smallholders.  Our client seeks to build a team that will  train CFAs (Certified Farmer Aggregators) and micro-entrepreneurs in using their platform to collect data that tracks farmer productivity on a real time basis.

Key Responsibilities

  • Responsible for Coordination , Support and administration of Market Linkage teams, Inputs & Agronomy team, and logistics channel partners.
  • Monitor and document measureable KPI for ML Coordinator team and Inputs and Agronomy team
  • Market link model, sales, turnaround time, buyer / seller customer satisfaction
  • Manage  and Coordinate team-full-time staff & commission agents in supply markets & wholesale markets
  • Manage and coordinate logistics of channel partner strategy especially 3rd party logistics providers
  • Collaborate with head of Inputs sales & Agronomy

Job Skills

  • The ability to design, set up and run crop trials independently and with minimal supervision, that will be both effective and produce statistically valid information.
  • The ability to collect data, analyze and interpret that data to produce clear and effective understanding of trial results.
  • The ability to produce clear, well written and comprehensive reports on trials.
  • Working knowledge of Kephis and other bodies involved to ensure full compliance with the law..

Other Requirements

  • A suitable degree, preferably a Masters Degree or better in Biological or Plant Sciences.
  • A person who can work independently and with integrity.
  • Someone who have the educational background and communication skills to be able to understand the problems, interpret the information and communicate effectively with farmers and other stakeholders involved.
  • The right attitude and competencies are valued much more than experience.