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Job Detail

Executive Chef

Can you oversee general kitchen operations?

Job Overview

Category : Hospitality and Culinary Arts
Experience(s) : 10 Years Year
Location : Nairobi
Job Type: Management Level
Job Kind :
Highest Educational Level : Diploma/Degree in Food Production/Culinary Sciences
Salary :

Client Overview

Our Client is inspired by Mediterranean Concept. They offer an outgoing, sprightly and fresh experience to their customers. Also they organize corporate events, wedding catering & private parties.

Job Purpose

The Executive Chef is responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of the kitchen. The Executive Chef is responsible for ensuring that food preparation is done according to standard recipes and maintain accurate food cost.  The key role of supervising, training and observing cooks and kitchen workers to ensure compliance to set standards whilst ensuring order, discipline and speedy dispensation of food orders.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. General Duties
  • Oversee general kitchen operations
  • Instruct cooks and other members of the kitchen team in preparation, cooking, garnishing and presentation of food.
  • Determine production schedules and staff requirements necessary to ensure timely services
  • Monitor sanitation practices to ensure that employees follow standards and regulations
  • Maintain a safe and hygienic working environment to include proper storage of food, equipment, utensils
  • Undertake menu planning in liaison with General Manager.
  • Check quantity and quality of stock received and notify suppliers of deficiencies
  • Meet with the General manager and customers to discuss menus for special occasions such as weddings, parties, anniversaries, birthday parties etc
  • Ensure any equipment required for any event is ordered in good time
  • Proper planning of all kitchen operations to ensure excellent execution of all food products
  • Training for all kitchen staff is up to date and vigorous.
  1. Financial
  • Provide amounts for required supplies
  • The Executive Chef upon request from him meet sales representatives of suppliers in order to negotiate prices and other supplies
  • Monitor food cost and investigate reasons why it may be high or low
  • Monitoring and manage department costs
  1. Purchasing
  • Place all the market orders for food items to the purchasing department
  • Check on the quality of the market supplies e.g. vegetables, meat, fruits
  • The Executive Chef, signs all the documents related to purchasing e.g. Invoices to verify that it conforms to what was actually received
  • When required, together with the procurement officer, go out on a market survey for fresh and reasonably priced produce.
  1. Production
  • Ensure that food items received are properly stored.
  • Basic preparations e.g. Deboning, Portioning, Peeling, Cutting, etc. are properly done without unnecessary wastage.
  • Proper methods of cooking and recipes are followed.
  • The right colour, taste and texture of food is always maintained.
  • The food is properly served and presented.
  • Ensure hygiene standards are observed and maintained at all times.
  • Is active in maintaining the acceptable food cost
  • Carry out monthly analysis of sales to know what is selling and what is not.
  • Ensures consistency of product.
  1. Personnel
  • The Executive Chef prepare a Duty Roaster and leave chart for the Kitchen Brigade.
  • Collaborate with General Manager in interviewing for all other positions in the kitchen.
  • Do staff appraisals
  • Make sure that the Kitchen Staff are happy and motivated by solving their social or even personal problems whenever they arise.
  1. Property and Maintenance
  • Take care of all the operating equipment like stoves, fridges, pots, etc.
  • Ensure that the kitchen, stores, fridges, are clean and properly arranged at all times.
  1. Health, Safety and Security
  • Ensure proper cleaning of the kitchen department before, during, after service.
  • Roster for spring cleaning should be adhered to
  • Should be familiar with the Health and Safety measures in the hospitality industry and as per company policy. Should also understand first aid, fire and emergency procedures
  • Should take responsibility to rectify hazardous situations, reporting major areas of concern to the General Manager.
  • Ensure security incidents in your operational area are reviewed and corrective measures implemented to prevent recurring incidents



  • Degree or Diploma in Food Production/Culinary Sciences with Over 8 years of experience in a similar capacity.
  • Skilled user of MS Word, Access, Excel, Outlook, various other computer software and electronic communications and internet.
  • Excellent oral and interpersonal communications skills
  • Outstanding communications and presentation skills
  • Good understanding of cost control measures
  • On-the-job refined management skills in HR, procurement organizational skills, cost management and hygiene
  • Some experience in banquet planning (for any functions the restaurant may take on)
  • Advanced report writing skills and numeric skills
  • Flexibility to perform shift work on a 24-hour rotating roster as required
  • Ability to work under pressure and stay calm in difficult situations.
  • Team player: must co-operate with other food and beverage service workers to maintain high standards of customer service.