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Digital Database Manager

Do you have database development experience?

Job Overview

Category : Computer/Information Technology
Experience(s) : 4-6 Year
Location : Timau
Job Type: Mid Level
Job Kind : 6 Months Contract
Highest Educational Level : BSc/BA in computer science
Salary :

Client Overview

Our client is a company owned by farmers in Kenya which produces a range of different crops including cereals, oil seeds and pulses. It is focused on Climate Smart agricultural practices; in particular Conservation Agriculture techniques which are suitable for non-irrigated conditions in a changing world.

Our client is a company, which adds value to farm produce. They have several business divisions including processing, retail and production. The company has grown considerably and its needs have become more complex.

They are looking to implement an internal data system to collect and collate data and to ensure data uniformity across its operations. While a large ERP system is one way to approach this, the company is more keen to develop a data system which employees are part of developing, generating ownership and participation as well as control long term.

With this in mind, the have identified a couple of low/no-code software platforms (eg. Kintone, Tadabase) which enable development of company databases, and deployment across multiple locations and devices. It intends to link these (or something similar) with an online retail platform that enable customers to receive a pipeline of information about changing product availability.

A principal part of the remit is moving staff away from paper and Excel based data collection to centralized data systems.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Select a suitable platform for the company’s needs
  • Scope and define data requirements across the company
  • Implement use of a data system across the company to collect data
  • With data collected, use inbuilt reporting tools to present and produce data.
  • Use inbuilt tools to set up new staff communication channels to improve efficiency.
  • Train staff how to use the data system
  • Train key staff how to develop and change the data system.

Measures of success:

  • Migration of data collection from existing systems to digital systems
  • Utilization of data collection and development of standardized reports
  • Better understanding of company data generated through the new system.


  • BSc/BA in computer science or relevant field
  • At least 4-6 Years of experience
  • Experience with data collection, consolidation and presentation
  • Database development experience and user-experience based focus is a must have.
  • Proper understanding of databases and their development
  • Think through problems in detail and come up with solutions independently.
  • Ability to interact with, communicate with and train users to get results is essential.

Note: This is a defined position for 6 months which may be extended to a year.  


A good compensation package dependent on skills and experience,