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Job Detail

Commis Chefs(4)

Are you deeply passionate about food?

Job Overview

Category : Hospitality and Culinary Arts
Experience(s) : 4 Year
Location : Nairobi
Job Type: Entry Level
Job Kind : Full Time
Highest Educational Level : Diploma/Certificate
Salary :

Client Overview

“Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Already Taken”. We’ll be opening a thoroughly refreshingly unique independent hotel in Nairobi next year. If you love hospitality but want a little more adventure in your life we might just be the place for you, whatever your specialist skills and experience. We’re looking for people who thrive on stimulating new challenges and who will be encouraged to be themselves, rather than being treated as cogs in a machine. And if you’ve never worked in the hospitality industry, no matter, as an injection of fresh perspectives from newcomers will help to keep us apart from the mainstream hotel herd. If this sounds like it might be your thing, please send us your resume and tell us a little about who you are. We look forward to creating something rather special with an entirely special collection of individuals.


Job Brief:

We are looking for a skilled Cook with a minimum experience of 3 years in a professional environment. One who is deeply passionate about food. Managing the culinary side of the House and great multi-tasking skills are essential. Experience in using various ingredients and cooking techniques are important. Creative and deeply focused energy are a must.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Be able to follow various recipes
  • Prepare meals as per the guest request any time of the day
  • Setting up a culinary workstation with all ingredients and cooking equipment
  • Prep Cook duties (cutting, chopping, peeling, all manner of prep ect.)
  • Flexibility working with different grills, cook tops + ovens.
  • Keep a strictly sanitized and orderly environment in the kitchen/prep area
  • Ensure proper storage of food
  • Check quality of ingredients
  • Monitor stock and make orders when there are shortages
  • Decision making and management skills



  • Diploma/Certificate in hospitality or any other related course
  • 4 years working experience
  • Skilled in using cutting tools, cookware + bakeware
  • Knowledge of various cooking techniques, procedures and methods
  • Food + restaurant sanitation training
  • Ability to work well with a team
  • Good stamina to withstand long hours
  • Culinary/Catering school training is an advantage
  • Ability to remain kind and patient under pressure