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Job Detail

Chief Security Officer

Understanding of hotel safety and security policies.

Job Overview

Category : Hospitality and Culinary Arts
Experience(s) : 5-8 Year
Location : Nairobi
Job Type: Mid Level
Job Kind : Permanent
Highest Educational Level : undergraduate Degree
Salary :

Client Overview

“Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Already Taken”. We’ll be opening a thoroughly refreshingly unique independent hotel in Nairobi next year. If you love hospitality but want a little more adventure in your life we might just be the place for you, whatever your specialist skills and experience. We’re looking for people who thrive on stimulating new challenges and who will be encouraged to be themselves, rather than being treated as cogs in a machine. And if you’ve never worked in the hospitality industry, no matter, as an injection of fresh perspectives from newcomers will help to keep us apart from the mainstream hotel herd. If this sounds like it might be your thing, please send us your resume and tell us a little about who you are. We look forward to creating something rather special with an entirely special collection of individuals.

Key Responsibilities

  • To promote rather the officer image for the security service and exercise flexibility to maintain a balance between effectiveness and obstructiveness.
  • Maintain complete knowledge of and oversee compliance with hotel safety and security policies.
  • To lead guests whenever possible if they are uncertain of the location within the Hotel premises.
  • Maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of CCTV equipment and ensure it is used only as intended.
  • Inspect team members and service providers, including their belongings upon entrance to and exit from the hotel and as per established the
  • Inspect the belongings of hotel guests, upon entrance to the hotel as per as per established the guidelines.
  • Inspect and ensure the safety and legitimacy of all deliveries to the hotel. Advise the Security Manager of any discrepancies in deliveries of supplies against receipt book and of any suspicious activity.
  • Respond promptly to guest and team member incidents.
  • Maintain positive internal/external guest relations at all times.
  • Resolve internal/external guest complaints arising from security and safety issues, ensuring guest satisfaction.
  • Maintain complete knowledge at all times of hotel room count, group arrivals, VIP’s, special events, and hotel team member job responsibilities.
  • Regularly inspect rooms, guest corridors, public areas, and service areas including associates restroom and storage area, addressing any issues arising which may threaten safety of guests or associates or security of hotel assets.
  • Maintain written records documenting inspections and alert the Security Manager of suspected or actual breaches in security.
  • Monitoring any undesirable elements to ensure that they do not harass, harm or embarrass the hotel guests.
  • Take appropriate action to defuse any outbreak of violence or commotion within the Hotel premises.
  • Search team members as they enter and exit the hotel premises as per the guidelines.
  • Complete investigations as per instruction of Security Manager in a timely and confidential manner.
  • Record pertinent information in department daily log book, and communicate urgent matters immediately to the Security Manager.
  • Provide support to managers, supervisors and associates in handling guests who behave in a manner which is threatening, abusive, violent, incoherent, or illegal.


  • College Graduate, or equivalent experience
  • Certificates in Fire Safety and First Aid
  • 2 years’ experience as a security guard supervisor
  • Military or police experience is a plus.
  • Prior experience in a hotel or hospitality environment is a plus