The Kama Kazi Internship is a structured 3-month program linking student interns with clients, providing a valuable experience for both. Our aim is to bridge the gap between Kenya’s students, graduates and the workplace. Our program ensures students are not just gaining the technical knowledge they need but also the transferable skills they require to join any company come graduation day.


Candidates: Looking for an Internship?

We only work with clients who are dedicated to making your internship a success.

We currently work with Tamarind Group, Tribe Hotel, Argon, ….. and many more.

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Employers: Looking for an Intern?

We work with some of Kenya’s leading universities (USIU, Daystar, KU) and many more.

We follow the same screening process.

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What to expect as a candidate

Kama Kazi personalized coaching on applying, CV-writing, the interview process and giving you what you need to exceed industry expectations at entry level. The Kama Kazi recruiting process that link your abilities, personality and ambition to the company with the right culture to help you grow. Clients who are ready, willing and able to have you join their team. Gaining experience through a structured program where Kama Kazi works with you, the employer and your academic requirements. Exposure to industry: the professional and personal skills for success. A meaningful 3 months worth of work experience that not just prepares you for graduation but sets you aside from the pack.

What to expect as a client

Free Kama Kazi recruiting process Interns who are pre-screened to ensure they are not just able to meet but exceed expectations. A structured program that aligns the student’s learning needs with your company’s needs. Affordability: Getting odd jobs and urgent tasks done at a fraction of the cost. The opportunity to nurture Kenya’s future leaders. Building a pipeline for future employees. Testing your on boarding experience and induction programs/ processes. Training your staff on management concepts, delegation, mentoring and staff development techniques.