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Looking to take the first step down a new and exciting career path? We work with some great Companies in the small and medium sectors – Start Ups, investing International Companies and leading Kenyan brands. Take the next step in your career and Register with Kama Kazi. Sector Specifics changes to Our Jobs We are very focused on providing you, the jobseeker with the opportunities that match your current status and your potential for growth. This is why we work with our current database of information to ensure we are consistently up to date with the needs of our job seekers. Ensure your need is also catered for by Registering with us today REGISTER

Career Progression

As a sign of our commitment to your career growth, we walk you through every stage of the application and interview process. Not only do we guide you along the way but we also provide you with invaluable feedback from each stage that helps you perfect your job hunting skills and learn how to improve your profile for your future goals and ambitions. Learn from the best and succeed in your next career move. Visit our Jobs Page to view all our current positions.

Entry Level

Graduates, College Leavers and Form 4 leavers provide the foundations to the labour force and we must ensure this foundation is strong. We work vigorously with this sector of the job seeker market to help Kenya’s youth take their first professional steps. 

Mid-Level/Supervisory/Mid Management

Providing vital support to organisations leaders and nurturing the entry-level sector below them, the mid-level supervisors and management are of huge importance to an organization. We believe this sector is an area that is currently undervalued and therefore we are focused on ensuring our candidates are the best.

Executives and Managers

Our business leaders are responsible and accountable for making decisions that impact through all levels. They are tasked with being professional, thorough and disciplined as well as innovative and creative. Driving the economy forward we work with only the best. 

Companies We Work with

Exciting grass roots level opportunities in some of the most exciting companies from across the globe. View all our Jobs HERE

Propelling Kenya’s economy forward is the SME – Join this exciting sector and prepare to become a part of Kenya’s economic future. View all our Jobs HERE

As a start up at the point of growth the success of your business will now depend on the team driving your concept to fruition. Contact us today to solidify the foundations for your growth upward.

Setting the example for the flood of entrepreneurs and SME’s is the leading Kenyan brand. Established and recognized as an example of Kenya’s superior business environment, the leading Kenyan Brand offers Corporate opportunities for the discerning professional. View all our Jobs HERE

Our User Stats


Over 1060

Avg Company Size

30 Employees

Avg Salary

73500 Ksh

Placement Rate