Application process on Kama Kazi

Congratulations so you have found a job that sounds great and matches your skills and experience on our site.

Fantastic – time to read the ‘Customizing your CV to the Job Description’ blog that we have posted. We really recommend that you read this carefully and follow the instructions

Now time to click the apply button at the top or the bottom of each job as displayed on our website.

We wanted to give you some pointers as to our application process to help you out:

  • Always read the Job Description (JD) carefully and make sure you understand what skills and experience you have for this job. When we call you for interview and you say ‘I can do it!’ that is not enough! Simply not enough. We want to hear what experience you have in the past that shows us you have done something similar. And we want to see that you understand the skills required and can show you have those skills from past experiences.

  • Skills – We ask that you fill in a section for skills. These are NOT your generic skills. They are skills SPECIFIC to this job description. If you do not demonstrate here that you have the specific skills that the job is looking for we may not even consider your application.
  • IT Skills – again we want to see if you have read the JD and understood what IT skills are imperative to this job.

Then you must attach your CV and any documentation that is RELEVANT to the job. So qualifications, certificates and recommendation letters are good.

Note: Kama Kazi receives thousands of applications every day – if you do not help us by showing us quickly and easily that you are very relevant for our jobs, we may not shortlist you.


Take the time – this is the next big thing that will happen to you after all – it is worth taking time to understand it correctly and apply correctly.


Good luck!


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  •  :  Thank you so much for your information. I have justed completed my undergraduate degree in Economics from Maseno university, i dont have that much experience but am ready to work very hard to achieve the set target in any job am assigned to do. To gain the expected experience, i must start somewhere, what can you advice me to?
  •  :  Hi Josphat, the most important aspect for you now is to gain experience as you have noted. Try applying for roles that suit your educational background, but also those that do not but are entry level positions. Often employers simply want to see some experience in a business environment, it doesn't matter so much if it is relevant to your area of study. Apply for sales jobs as well as these can be invaluable to your learning and can often teach you good business skills for the future. Best of luck!
  •  :  Hi, I am Nalyanya Boniface recently completed my four year study of a science degree in applied mathematics at kibabii university college,constituent college of Masinde Muliro university of science and Technology. I did my internship in the ministry of finance and economic planning of Bungoma county government for three months. Iam aspiring to work with Financial institutions or NGOs .please I need your advice.
    •  :  Hi Boniface and thank you for choosing Kamakazi. It is quite a good idea since you just completed your degree education recently, to start off with looking for internship opportunities. This will be a good asset for you working as an intern in an organisation and committing to it. You will learn of the company's structures and the culture during your working days there. Eventually, they most likely will absorb you as a full time employee as you will have known a lot in terms of how they work, instead of them proceeding further to hire someone else. Therefore Boniface, we would advise that you keep checking on our jobs board for such opportunities in order for you to apply once they come up!!

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