Personal Interview Story

I went for an interview at an IT firm. They were looking for a sales executive. Being really nervous, I went to their office in town. One thing that got me a bit calm and relaxed is that I got there 30 minutes before time. I therefore had ample time to compose myself, to check and go through my documents.Getting into the interview, I now realize that I lost out on a number of things. The first question that we all dread (or rather I speak for myself) “tell me about yourself.” I went ahead and stated my age, I spoke about my faith, family and then went to on to talk about my education and professional background.

What I now know is that not all these aspects were quite important to mention within the interview. I learnt that you don’t have to state about your family and your age unless you have been asked by the interviewer. I learnt that the answers I gave should have all been relevant to the position I was being interviewed for.

The first ten minutes were quite tense. The interviewer was just looking at me as I went on about who I was and she did not shift her eye contact. She then went ahead and asked me how I thought I would fit in the role, given the fact that I had no prior experience in sales. I went ahead and became candid with her that yes, I did not have prior experience in the role. However, I was willing to learn.

That is when she started opening up on the kind of candidates that she has been receiving and what she is currently looking for. What was shocking for me as well as promising at the same time was how kind she was to let me know of my mistakes and how I can improve on them. Even going ahead and showing me the loopholes in my CV and how I can improve writing my CV together with my skills on interviewing.

I did not get the job. However, I learnt something valuable that I carried and noted down. This helped me in securing my next job.