My First Interview

My first interview was intense, I had applied for several jobs and just like any other job seeker I was anxiously waiting for the day I will receive a call for an interview invitation.

When it finally happened, I felt anxious about the interview, how it will be, what they will ask me, how I should dress for it, what to carry, so many things were running through my mind.

The interview was 4 days away, so I made sure that I prepared well for it. I did my research on the company, and made sure that I had gone through the Job description to understand my role. On the interview day I got to the venue 30 minutes earlier.

It was then time for me to face the panel.

I was nervous, not knowing what to expect. They started asking me the most common question, “Tell us about Yourself”. That was one of the questions I had rehearsed about, so I flowed well with it. The interview went well, as it went on it became less tensed, and I felt at ease answering the questions.

At some point I felt like the interviewers were just chatting with me, and actually telling me how the company works and how they would want me to work with them. So it was more of a brief, in as much as it was an interview. The interview ended on a high note, as all of us were in a light mood.

I went home with my hopes high that I will get the opportunity. After 2 days I got a call that I had qualified and was to be given the job.

I was happy and started preparing myself for the role with the organization.