It was in January 2012 after I was done with my first year of study in campus. Since I was heading for a four months’ vacation, I had to look for a job that could generate some income for me and at the same time keep me busy all through this period. Through a referral by a longtime friend, I applied for an accounts assistant role in a fueling and service station in Busia town. I barely knew anything in accounting but here I was applying for accountancy role.

I woke up very early on the interview day, hurriedly prepared and boarded a bus headed for Busia town. As early as 8 AM I was at my interview venue regardless of the fact that the interview was scheduled at 9 AM. This was my first interview ever and since I was interviewing with the managing director, I did not want to be late in any case.

When the managing director drove in, I was called in for the interview. The first question really struck my attention. “What did you score in Mathematics in your final high school exams?’’ implored the managing director. More shock was still on the way after perusing through my certificates, he called the manager and instructed him to lead me to my new office and start working.

I had passed the interview without even answering any substantive question nor proving beyond any reasonable doubt that I was ready to take up my new role. This was faith indeed and at the end, a miracle was born out of trusting my instincts and my abilities.