Interviewing like a King

Finally, I received the call, the call that every jobseeker yarns to get. After making several job applications without any positive feedback, the Human Resource manager of one of the local backs called to inform me that I had been shortlisted for an interview. I quickly agreed on the scheduled time which was set to be the following day at 2 pm. I went back to my application and read the job description again to make sure that I had the full knowledge of what was expected of me in case I was given the Job. I also did some background check of the bank before going for the interview.

On that particular day I dressed well and started the journey early enough to ensure timely arrival. It was clear to me that the interview questions were based on my CV and the way I carried myself during the interviewing process. All the questions asked went well except the question on salary.

The Interviewer brought the question about my salary expectations. Well, I had done extensive research on what someone in my position earns and the kind of salary package the bank offers its employees. I said to the interviewer that I was interested on the total package. At this point I asked the interviewer to state if there are any other bonuses or growth opportunities for promotion and growth.

The interview ended on a good note and it was my turn to thank the interviewer for his time and express my uttermost interest in taking opportunity. Before the end of the day I was contacted and informed that I had qualified and the company wanted me to start work the following day, however this was not possible because I had to serve a one-month notice at my previous employment.