3 years ago I joined the jobseekers market with the hope that it won’t be long before I secure a job. I had graduated with a diploma in mass communication and a specialization in public relations. The reason why I pursued this course was because I thought it was diverse and I had a passion in communication as cliché as it may sound.

Just like so many people, the reason we pursue the different courses in university is because sometimes we believe that we will stand a higher chance in the job market, and we will even tend to choose courses that we think are not “overpopulated”. This however, was not what I did. I thought with a specialization in PR I could work anywhere and I would therefore not be limited unlike other courses like law, medicine etc.

So after my graduation I hit the market with all my energy and the millennial vibe, with the faith of landing a job the next day. It did not happen! Months after millions of applications and no job interview yet, I got a chance to be introduced to a producer by a friend. Referrals work!

With all the anxiety building up, I did a lot of practice and rehearsals of the different questions that I thought I would be asked. On the actual day, I was prepared and made it early to town where we had agreed to meet for the interview. It was in a Park!!

This was very weird and at the same time relaxing. The job I was interviewing for was as a PR practitioner/marketer for the production firm. The interview was more of a conversation. I got the job.