My First Interview Story

It was my first interview immediately I graduated from high school, financial difficulties back at home could not allow me to sit back and wait for my results to be out before I go to college. I had walked in and out of so many Companies in town asking for any kind of job available, after 4 days of search, I walked in this management consulting firm and I met the CEO who was making a call at the reception, he was so shocked as to why an 18 year old girl was job-hunting instead of going to college……Luckily they were looking to hire a book keeper/cleaner and they asked me to come for an interview in a weeks’ time. (I still think this was out of pity since I looked worn out)

Interview day came, I was so nervous and tense. I got there in time and apparently there were like 6 more candidates waiting in line. A HR came and took me to the conference room, where she told me that I need to have a written test and depending on it we will decide if I am capable for a face to face interview

So she handed me the paper and said I had 15 mins to complete it. After she left I looked at the paper and you won’t believe she actually handed the answer sheet instead J J, I tried to go after her but “couldn’t find her, there was no one at the reception so the only option I had was to sit and wait for her to come back.

She came after 15 mins and informed her that she handed me the wrong sheet. Her facial expression was just priceless…. we laughed out so loud then she asks “so what do I do with you?” and I answered “How about that face to face interview…”
This was really a funny experience…I then proceeded to the face to face interview and proved myself. 6 months down the line I was promoted to Administrator.