Thank you Kama Kazi

[blockquote author=”Faith Nzomo”] I am not sure where to start, because i am just really happy. Well, i did an interview with Diana Mitto, Recruitment manager three weeks ago. I was then referred to Caro Wairimu, the operations manager at Nairobi Garage for another interview. The interview with her was more like the one i did with Diana. I was given all the tips that i needed before i went for an interview with the Nairobi Garage. They were quite efficient and simple to understand. The interview with Diana was one of its kind. I felt free to answer any query, or build up on any answer. In other words, she made me feel comfortable and flexible, as well as helped me understand the post even better Luckily, i have secured myself a job with the Nairobi Garage, thanks to Kama Kazi [/blockquote]