Kama Kazi Testimonial

[blockquote author=”Caroline Kuria – Operations Manager Hello Doctor”]

What type of work do you do and where (Nairobi, Mombasa, another country)?

  • I am the Operations manager at Hello Doctor Kenya Limited, Nairobi   – Why did you chose to use a recruitment firm for your job search?  I think it Is a faster, focused and more informed approach to searching for a job.

How would you describe your experience?

  • My experience was great. I liked the personalised service that was offered by Kama kazi. They took the time to ensure, my goals and the goals of the organization we were well aligned and that I was a good fit for the organization and of course this helped me TO quickly settle down to the role.

If you have used other recruitment firms, how was Kama Kazi different from the other ones?

  • I have never used a recruitment firm before.

Some jobseekers are skeptical about using hiring firms or dislike the structured process involved. They prefer to just send off their CVs and wait. What would you say to them?

  • A job is a commitment and I like to know who and what I am committing myself to.  By having a recruitment firm like Kama Kazi, they provide extensive background information on the hiring company not only on management but also on the culture of the organization. They then carry out a personality assessment which enables you to determine if that is the kind of organization that one is willing to work in.  This becomes a win-win situation because you then have aligned expectations and this eases the transition. [/blockquote]