My Experience with Kama Kazi

[blockquote author=”Maxwell Mmera Ayera”]Iam a recent graduate of Kenyatta University and currently a Project Trainee in Marketing at GSK Consumer Healthcare. My experience with Kama Kazi has been a journey of challenges, lessons and opportunities.

The first time I engaged with Kama Kazi I was a congressman at Kenyatta University School of Pure & Applied Sciences. I firmly speak well of this organization as being professional, friendly and progressive. One would assume that knowing Kama Kazi prior to applying for interviews would definitely give me a pass in interviews.

This was not the case since I failed my first interview with Kama Kazi, their Integrity, business ethics and professionalism was evident. I however applied for another job and I was lucky enough to be invited for an interview which I qualified. Through the various interviews I was able to learn interview skills, develop business skills and through the Kama Kazi blog learnt a lot to do with corporate careers.

All I would urge any job applicant out there trading their luck through Kama Kazi is to never give up, pay attention to the application and recruitment procedures, learn from the different interviewing stages: phone interview, pre-screening to final interviews and keep applying for the jobs that suit your skills.

The conservative aspect of using generic CVs for each and every application is simply a no go zone for any progress, every job has a job description that guides the recruitment needs – make yourself worthy the shortlisting.

Thank you Kama Kazi, because of you I have grown to be a step ahead. I would recommend this organization to anyone at any time, including myself. [/blockquote]