A Facebook Link that was

[blockquote author=”John Oduory”]The first time I heard of KamaKazi, something different came to my mind. I first thought of Kamikaze, the Japanese suicide attackers of World War II. However, the difference is clearly envisaged from the spelling and from the fact that Kama kazi is an online platform that brings employers and job seekers together.

A Data entry intern link was shared on my Facebook wall by a friend more than a year ago. Since I was almost finalizing with my studies at the university, time was running out for me to find an entry into the world of professionals.

Confidently I filled in the application and submitted immediately. After a while I got a call from one of Kama kazi employees who conducted a phone interview with me. I was later invited for a face to face interview. Since I was not ready to let the chance slip away. I did all the research that I could about interviews and just made sure I was up to the task.

Walking into the interview room, I met Deborah the ever smiling and bold lady who interviewed me and promised to send me feedback later. The feedback came through after a day and luckily enough I was offered a chance to join Kama kazi as an intern. The internship period was hectic for me.

I was introduced to various different things and different personalities, however, I was ready to learn and acquire new knowledge no matter how unimaginable they seemed.

This is the enthusiasm that molded me into becoming part of the Kama kazi Team. Today I can confidently say I am a true replica of what Kama kazi is doing and what they can offer all the other job seekers out there.[/blockquote]