Candidates Worst Fears when Heading for an Interview


The prospect of attending an interview and the uncertainty of whether one will get the job instills a lot of fear to a jobseeker prior to the interview session. It does not matter how one’s resume stands out or how well they are versed with the job description, everyone will always tense while heading for an interview. These fears comprises of the following:

How do I present myself?

Everyone going in for the interview will be unsure of their overall present ability. This comprises how to dress themselves to how to structure their answers so as to catch the attention of the interviewers. This fear makes it hard for one to prepare well as one tries various approaches and in the end settle for the worst option while thinking it is the best.

Forgetting the main points:

Every jobseeker do prepare for the probable questions they feel will be asked before going in for the interview. However, not everyone is able to answer the questions based on how they prepared. This is down to the prior fear that may lead to them forgetting one or more aspects regarding the interview questions.

How will I be judged?

Every interviewee is after succeeding in the interview and landing that dream job. The biggest fear however, is the outcome of the interview. Regardless of whether one is confident enough to be victorious, they will be anxious of where the interviewers will place them based on their judgement.

All the above merge together to form a conglomerate of a bigger fear making it hard for one to get over them. This will always work against one’s performance in any given interview.