What candidates fear the most in an interview

What’s your worst interview fear?

As a candidate, when you are invited for an interview, you are first of all filled with emotions of joy, excitement and also general happiness of just the fact that you have received a call from a recruiter/ employer and that your application was noticed.

What follows afterwards once the excitement settles is the anxiety. As a candidate, a lot of questions come to mind.  The worst fears of candidates before going in for interviews are several. You might be thinking that the panel might not like you, you might forget your key points or simply, you fear that might not get the job  just to mention but a few. Below are key strategies on  how to make sure you overcome them:

  1. Arrive on time- This is mostly between 15-30 minutes before your interview. Some might even be comfortable coming in one hour before the interview. This will help a lot in ensuring you acclimatize to the environment. Get to know of where you will be seated waiting for the interview. It will also help you to take time, compose yourself and go through your documents to check if there is anything missing.
  2. Smile- This is always a confidence booster. Ensure from the time you enter the door of your recruiter/employer, during your interview and even after the interview, your smile should be visible. This not only helps to boost your confidence but also helps in creating a relaxed atmosphere as your smile will have an effect on the people around you.
  3. Go through the job description for the position- Ensure that you understand what the position is looking for and that you have a clear picture of what you can do. Even give examples from your previous experience on what you have done in regards to it.

Please remember, if the employer/recruiter does not like you or choose you, don’t sweat about it. Appreciate the experience and move ahead in confidence. If they really did not like you for who you are,  then definitely you would not have loved working there.

There you have it. Go!