Top Employability Skills


Employers look for people who can speak and write clearly and accurately, so you’ll need to prove that you have good oral and written skills.


This is an important employability skill because, unless you get a job where you’re not expected to speak to a soul all day (unlikely!), it’s pretty crucial that you can work well as part of a team.


While employers want to know that you can work well with your colleagues, they also like to see that you are motivated, proactive and can be trusted to use your own initiative.


You’ll need problem-solving skills for most jobs but particularly in careers that deal with difficult or constantly changing situations.

Computer skills

Most bosses will expect you to have basic IT skills (like Microsoft Office) to even get your foot in the door.


Organisation is a pretty invaluable employability skill for most jobs and it’s an absolute must for ones that involve working to a tight deadline.


While it’s important that you can work well as a team, it can also help to show that you’d make a good leader or manager.

Hard work and dedication

It doesn’t matter what job you do and in what industry – employers all want to know the same thing, which is that you will work hard.


Creativity shows that you can think outside the box – a skill which, with the growth of innovative start-ups and the huge world of opportunities that the internet has opened up, is becoming very in demand.