Employable Skills

Hard working, A Good communicator, Go-getter! They mean nothing!

Find out what skills employers are really looking for

At Kama Kazi we interview people every day and over and above the basic skills for the job we are always looking for other skills that make you employable. These are the attributes, achievements and experiences that make you employable. And they can cover a huge range.

Hard working, go-getter…these are not the best and will not get you where you want to be. If you want to be successful think about what skills you really have then work on ensuring you understand how to demonstrate you have those skills.

To help you out we have highlighted some key skills below that will make you stand out in your understanding of what makes you employable.

Communication – Communication is absolutely key, but by communication I do not want to hear that you can easily talk to people and that you have lots of friends. This means nothing!

Communication is the ability to listen, absorb, remove the technicalities and then explain what you just heard in a format that easy to follow and easy to understand for anyone. Communication is understanding that you need to give people timelines for delivery and stick to those timelines. Communication is understanding that you need others to complete your work and communicating this to them in a way that inspires them to work with you as a team. Communication is a wide and extensive skill. And it is vital to being a good employee. If you have good communication skills you can accomplish almost anything, even when you do not know how.

Discipline – Discipline is absolutely key in being successful in any position in any company. Having the discipline to do what you have to do when you have to do it. Following this formula will almost guarantee you success. But we know what it is like when you can’t quite push yourself to do that final task at 5:30, when Facebook beckons in your break instead of finishing some admin.

When working you have 8 full hours in a day to accomplish all your tasks. However, generally people work for only about 5 hours. The other 3 are lost in procrastination, breaks, avoiding doing something you have been dreading. If you can push yourself to be disciplined and stick to what you have to do when you have to do it – this will be invaluable to every employer. Not only that you will achieve over and above and you will be recognised and compensated for it.

Time Management:
We have heard it said many times – time is the most precious commodity that we have as humans. We can never get back time, we can get back money, health, security, but we can never get back time. And in the business world today time is money!

Learn to manage your time you will capitalize on that time and therefore make or save your employer money! There is nothing more valuable than that.

Have a think about what skills you think you have – do they fall in the above categories and if they do can you honestly say that you are good at them based on what we have said in this article. If you can, great. If not – then get working on them, start improving your skills so that you can wow the interviewer in your next job interview.