Reading the Job Description

Reading and understanding the job description well is the first thing a jobseeker should do before submitting their application for a given job. This is because it helps one narrow down their search to only those jobs they want the most and are qualified for.

One should focus beyond the job title. Careful attention should be paid to the job requirements and the CV amended appropriately to suit that role. One of the things employers hate is knowing that a candidate did not read and understand the job description well. Job related skills and relevant working experience are the key factors to consider when making any given application so as to convince the employer that you are the one they are after.

Another factor to consider is the company values. Reading and understanding the JD well will help one know the job roles and the company culture. The significance of this is that an applicant is able to make a decision whether they would fit in or not before submitting their application.

Lastly, first things first. Consider these in the job description; Do you want the job? Are you qualified for the role? Are you onboard with the company culture? The answer to all of these should be a yes otherwise move on to the next JD.