Why is a Job Description Important?

Well, let’s ask ourselves a question first. Why would a job description NOT be important?

As a jobseeker you will see hundreds of them. Some are vaguely relevant, some sound fun, some you have no idea what they are asking for or looking for. Some sound like you may fit them in about 10 years time, some sound like the jobs you applied for as a graduate.

They are all different and unique and it can be a minefield navigating what each employer is looking for.

But that is exactly the point. Each company is different, therefore each role is different, and each job description is different. But they hold the key to what an employer is looking for.

They are the instructions and guidelines for how to be successful in the role they are advertising. They contain all the information you need to demonstrate you have in order to fit the role.

So why, we ask ourselves, do so few people read the job description? Why do so few people actually look at what an employer wants and work out how to demonstrate that they can give the employer what they want?

It is amazing how few people actually read the JD for the job they are applying for. Why would you not read the instructions on a complex gadget? Probably because no one reads instructions anymore, it is like a lost map in a world of ‘learn as you stumble along’, ‘success through failure’. Well, we are here to bring the old school back and to tell you all to read, read, read, read the JD. It is the key that can unlock a great new role and your potential in that role.

Make sure you always read the job description fully and thoroughly.