Reading the Job Description

Reading and interpreting the job description determines how well you think you fit the job requirements and how you may customize your resume. Most job seekers read the job description wanting it to be the right fit them by looking for things that match instead of understanding what the employer is seeking.

Duties listed in the job description are in most instances created once and reused whenever a similar vacancy arises. They are often created in broad terms making it difficult to determine the exact duties of the position. A job seeker should, therefore, focus on the requirements. Usually, the employer will have a list of about six to ten requirements. The job seeker should consider the first few items listed as requirements; they are the hiring manager considers before shortlisting for an interview.

Emphasizing your skills and experiences that are relevant to the advertised job in your resume is the most likely way to get noticed. While you may have other skills and experiences, they might not be of any good if you list all of them on your resume.

Reading the job description enables you to customize your resume on the role. Be smart on how to best present yourself by concentrating on the things that will be highly valued.