Essential CV Writing tips


Kama Kazi 3 ESSENTIAL CV tips; that if you ignore you are asking not to be hired.

  1. Get relevant quickly!

Huge realms of personal details, large personal statements or career objectives, waiting until half way down the second page before even beginning on your professional achievements! We cannot stress this point too much. If you are not relevant within the first third of the first page of your resume you are wasting you time.

Get relevant high up on the page.

  1. Amend your CV for every role.

Why do employers write a job description? For fun? To humour you? To waste time? No! Of course not. They write a job description because they need something particular and writing the JD is their way of asking for that particular thing. If you want to be chosen you have to match what the employer is asking for. Amending your CV not only ensures you match the JD as much as possible, it also shows that you understand what the JD is looking for.


  1. Identify you accomplishments: Don’t simply list jobs and what you have done in them. Highlighting your achievements shows the best of your professional experience. It demonstrates your top skills and ensures that the employer also sees these.

There are many tips that you can work with to improve your CV and ensure that you have the best chance of being selected for an interview. But the 3 above are absolutely essential if you are to have any form of success in your job applications process.