CV Writing

It is quite astonishing how we as human beings are so easily prone to assumptions. Most of us assume that when someone calls us to enquire about something and we do not give them feedback, that is ok. We also assume that getting to work or a meeting late without communicating prior, is not such a big deal.

Similarly we notice that candidates who are applying for job opportunities feel it is not such a big deal to put in the duties and responsibilities that they were handling in detail on their CV. They think that to say they were an accounts assistant or an office manager for example is enough. We as employers and recruiters would obviously know what they had been doing.

[blockquote]Well, it is, ladies and gentlemen. It is a BIG DEAL. In this context, people tend not to understand that you have to create an aura of expectation for the employer to even consider looking at your CV …twice![/blockquote]

For you to do that, here are the tips:

  1. Be precise but ensure you cover all the most important aspects. Include the duties that you have done within each and every specific position you were in charge of. 17 words in a sentence will serve as a perfect example.
  2. Relevance of duties done – The duties that you have listed within the different positions that you were in charge of should be relevant. This means that they should be in line with what the employer is looking for based on the job description given.
  3. Achievements – Go even further to include major achievements that you have made in each of the positions that you have held in your professional experience. To be clear-cut and authentic, put in numbers and figures on the targets that you surpassed and the time period if need be.

With the above in mind, you can be assured that you will have caught the attention of those companies you applied to.

Go for it!