Phone Interview Technique

Most candidates have a misconception that phone interviews are easier as compared to face-to face interviews. The truth is, they are more or less the same and both of them should be taken seriously. The only difference is that the candidate does not go to the interviewer’s location. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for the phone interview.


Do research on the company and the job you are to be interviewed on, make sure you know the basics about the company, latest developments in the company/organisation and the job description for the job.

Confirm the interview date, time, who the interviewer is and if it is you to make the call or the interviewer (make sure your phone is not on call waiting or call blocking mode).

Have your resume in clear view and in the best format that you can read, you may also have a cheat sheet that will help you  respond to related questions without fumbling with words (this is applicable if you have prepared on the possible interview questions so that you have easy time in answering the questions).

Choose an interview space. Quiet, comfortable and private space would be ideal. Standing up during the interview is a good idea because it helps you focus.


Use proper phone etiquette, respond in a courteous and polite manner. Always smile as if you are in a face-to-face interview, this will get you in the right mood for the interview and project a positive image to the listener and fit you to the right voice.

lady phoneUse the interviewer’s title during the conversation (Mr, Ms and last name), unless you are advised otherwise, make it as formal as possible.

Listen to the interviewer and do not interrupt but ask for clarification for something you have not understood.

Speak clearly and audibly so that it is easier for the interviewer to follow without having gaps in your response.

Stay calm and ensure you are not nervous because this can cause panic during answering questions.


Thank the interviewer and remember to email a thank you note immediately after the interview. If you do not have their contacts ask during your question time.