Kama Kazi Tips For Hiring

Hiring is stressful, we know! It is time consuming, confusing, exciting, frustrating all wrapped in one big bundle.

Everyday we help Companies in Kenya hire key talent for their teams. We have worked with big Corporates, SME’s and Start Ups, and so while we don’t have all the answers we have managed to pick up some key points along the way to help you in the hiring process. Here are a few tips that may go a long way to helping you with your next key hire:

Treat recruiting as life or death for your Company

Because it is. Building an amazing team is the most important thing you can do as a leader, so prioritise it and get serious about it. We often see leaders who are quite clearly too busy to hire and would probably prefer us to do everything for them. But this is a huge mistake. Take the time to plan your hiring strategy, take the time to think about your recruitment needs and take the time to be as actively involved in the process as possible.

If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life single handedly driving your Company you need to get serious about hiring the right people to drive it for you.

Always be looking for talent

Talent is not easy to come by and to identify the best candidates for your Company is really a numbers game. Understand the job seeker landscape and understand what works for your company. We can help you with this process but we cannot understand your business like you do. So always be on the look out and ensure you get a good overview of what works and what doesn’t work with regards to talent for your company.

Once you find the right candidate, speed and decisiveness are key – We often see a fantastic candidate go in for interview, the clients seems so pumped post interview and we know we have made a good match, but as with everything there is always the nagging feeling that the grass may be greener elsewhere. Companies delay on giving us or the candidate a decision and suddenly we find the candidate has accepted a position elsewhere. When you find someone good who is a fit, get them onboard ASAP. All those who have been in hiring before will know it is tough, so don’t let a good one go when you find one.

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