When to Sell and when to Buy

[blockquote]Knowing when you are selling and when you are buying[/blockquote]
Ok so we know that the unemployment rate in Kenya is high, and we understand lots of individuals are out of work and should be simply begging to be a part of your team………actually we know that is what some of you may think. But actually this is a huge misconception of the employment sector.

Yes there are many people looking for work, but the best candidates are not, they are happily employed or understand their worth and happy to wait for the right position for them. They understand the need for the perfect fit as much as you, the hirer do. And they are very focused on making sure they make a calculated move.

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So as a hiring company or hiring manager you have to be prepared to understand when you are to buy and when you are to sell. Because the best candidates need to be sold the position. Understand why a candidate would want to join your company. Understand why others enjoying working at the Company and why they are successful in their roles. What can the Company do for its employees who are after all their most important asset.

We often see Companies setting up interviews that quite frankly bear more resemblance to an interrogation than an insightful conversation. If you want someone to work for you, have to be prepared to make them feel that they will be valued for their contribution and that yours is a good working environment.

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If you do not do this prepare to have exactly what you expect – desperate workers who have no desire to be at your company every day but are simply there to pay the bills. And these employees will never perform to their potential with their motivation set at simply getting by.