The 3W’s of Hiring

Preparing to Hire

We often see a Company that is desperate to hire, desperate to alleviate some of the pressing work that keeps piling up and up untouched by the already over worked staff. Large shadow hung eyes look at us as the recruiter as if we are about to solve all the problems that are heaped in a tower behind the hiring manager like the leaning tower of Pisa!

And this exact situation makes us very nervous, because we find often that the new hire being tasked to us has not been planned or thought out at all. It is a desperate hire as a result of the most salient need which simply happens to be a helping hand to stop the rest of the staff from drowning beneath paper work, keeping up with social media and meeting unrealistic deadlines. Sound familiar?

We know it is hard and we know your need is desperate, but please take a deep breath and take some time to plan for your hire.

We have hired for many individuals and organizations in the above situation and so we have come up with 3 key questions that you can start by asking yourself to help clarify some of the reasons why you are hiring, and to help you make a planned and strategic hire as opposed to a desperate hire:

[blockquote]Kama Kazi 3 top questions to stop and ask prior to hiring, The Three W’s of Hiring[/blockquote]

  1.  Why?
    why are you hiring? Think very carefully about this questions. Is it because you are too busy, or you need a different skill on the team? Perhaps you are are expanding or adding a new product. This is the first question to ask and analyze the sense behind the Why.
  2. What?
    The second question to ask is ‘What’ are you hiring for? What skill do you need? What experience do you need, what are you trying to expand or what product are you introducing?
  3. And finally Who?
    Who are you employing, what does that person profile look like? What skills do they have, what experience? What are their values and what attributes and competencies do they posses?

[blockquote]Once you have answered the 3 basic questions above you will be in a much better position to really understand your recruiting needs.[/blockquote]