[blockquote author="Bronson, Business Development Manager User Experience Technologies"]They go beyond their scope of just securing an interview leading to possible employment and reach out to you even after being employed, just a follow up making sure you are satisfied in the new workplace and most of all settled. This goes a long way in displaying their commitment in aligning a candidate with the right organization and commitment to ensuring a long term symbiotic relationship. I would recommend Kama Kazi any day of the week to any job seeker out there. Trust me, it'll be the best decision you make." [/blockquote]


[blockquote author="Judith, Training Facilities Manager, Dangerous Goods Management"]“I am impressed by the great execution shown by your office during this period of my interview with Dangerous Goods Management, keep it up!” [/blockquote]

[blockquote author="Gilbert, Assistant Manager, Entumoto Safari Camp"]‘My Kama Kazi relationship began with liking your Facebook page and posting my cv on your page. It is not always that one expects anything from such contacts but for me it was a different story that made the current progress. Kama Kazi are true to their efforts and words. I am a product of your efforts and still want discover more with you guys.’ [/blockquote]