Do you know Less is More!

[box title="You know less is more!" border_width="1" border_style="solid" icon="th-list" icon_style="border" icon_shape="circle" align="center"]When-ever we go into Universities we always stress the importance of a short CV. It should be short, sharp and relevant. The most baffling of all is when we see CVs from recent Graduates that span approximately 4 pages, and someone with 10+ years experience has a one page CV. Remember that your CV should demonstrate your Skill, Experience and Education. Think about format and layout HERE


Our recommendation is as follows:

  • Interns, recent Graduates, Entry Level Job Seekers – Keep it to 1 page
  • Experienced individuals – 2 pages if possible, maximum 3 page.

Not sure how to format your Cv in this way. Contact a member of our team to see if we can help. Email [/box]