3 Shocking Facts about your Resume

[toggle title="1) Personal Details. " state="opened"]We appreciate that some personal details are important, however, structure and format can be really important. Sometimes we see resumes that have about half a page of personal details first. Imagine the employer opens your resume on their computer screen – the first half of your resume will be the first thing they see…..and all they will see are your personal details. Shortcut to the trash! See our samples below for what to do and what not to do. [/toggle]

Don't Do this

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But this

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[toggle title="2) Not becoming relevant with the little details that are so easy. "]Most employers will be looking for specific items on your resume to qualify you for an Interview. These would be highest level of education. Number of years experience and area of expertise. Many of us simply leave the employer to guess at these or hide them in the main body of our resume. While this is standard why not become relevant right from the start and make it EASY for the employer to say yes to you. See the format below for the easiest way to get as much relevant information into you resume as high as possible. [/toggle]

[toggle title="3) Chronology"]this one is big. Employers want to see your most recent education/experience, because this is most indicative of who you are and your experience and skills now. So make sure the most recent experience, education etc comes first on your resume. If the employers sees that the first experience you list on your resume is from 2010 they will assume you haven’t worked since 2012!!! Very damaging.[/toggle]